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Congratulations goes out to Velma PinsentCYN Bay d’EspoirCYN Harbour BretonCYN Southwestern, and Mary Simms All Grade whose names were chosen as winners of Eat Great and Participate’s Nutrition Month Youth Photo Contest! The winners will receive an iPod shuffle and a $100 iTunes gift card. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos!

Disclaimer: Participants are reminded to regularly check social media privacy settings to ensure pictures and information are only available to those for whom the information is intended. Individuals who may be under the age of 16 are required to seek parental permission before participating in this contest. Submitted photos will be saved to a hard drive and may be used in Eat Great and Participate promotional materials in the future including newsletters, webpages, print materials, etc.

Recreation directors, municipal leaders, coaches, school athletic directors, and managers of community organizations will be encouraged to engage with children and youth in their communities to complete weekly healthy eating and physical activity challenges throughout Nutrition Month (March 2015). Youth will be encouraged to post photos to EGaP’s new Twitter page (@EatGreatNL) which shows them completing the weekly challenge for a chance to win a prize. Youth can complete the weekly challenge more than once for more chances to win.

The weekly challenges include:
Challenge #1 (March 2-6): Fill Your Plate with Vegetables and Fruit!
This challenge encourages youth to add more vegetables and fruits to their plates every day. Whether it’s adding a banana to breakfast cereal or stirring in frozen vegetables to a favorite casserole, youth  are asked to submit photos of themselves or others enjoying their favorite vegetable and/or fruit.
Challenge # 2 (March 9 -13): Quench Your Thirst with Water First!
This challenge encourages youth to be more mindful about the beverages they drink. Beverages such as juice, fruit drinks, and soda have a lot of sugar and extra calories and should be enjoyed occasionally and in small amounts. Youth are asked to submit photos of themselves or others enjoying water when they’re thirsty. Don’t forget to get your 2 glasses of milk every day too!

Challenge #3 (March 16 -20): Get On the Go!
This challenge highlights the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Youth are encouraged to submit photos of themselves or others leaving the TV, computer and video games inside and getting “on the go” e.g., taking the stairs, going on a lunchtime walk with friends, a family skate or any other form of recreation or physical activity.

Challenge #4 (March 23-27): Take Time to Eat!
This challenge highlights the benefits of enjoying meals as a family. Youth are encouraged to submit photos of themselves planning, cooking and/or eating a meal with their family.

Challenge #5 (March 30-April 3): Eat Great While you Participate!
This challenge highlights the importance of healthy snacking while participating in physical activity. Youth are encouraged to submit photos of themselves and their friends/family/team mates enjoying healthy snacks at the rink, at the pool, at the gym, at the recreation centre….. anywhere they enjoy being active!


For more information contact:

Stephanie O’Brien, Registered Dietitian
Eat Great and Participate Coordinator
Tel: 709-729-4432
Fax: 709-729-7778
Twitter: @EatGreatNL
Also visit for more information!

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Nutrition Month 2015
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For more information contact:

Eat Great and Participate

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