Healthy Food Helps Student Retention

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When children are provided healthy food for school lunches, they can function at optimum performance. Too often children are not getting what they need from their lunches. They do not eat the contents and instead use their spare change to buy junk food from the vending machines.


School Cafeteria Food is Important

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Because of this lunch Delima, many schools have lobbied to keep vending machines away from schools. Sugary drinks have become normalized, and children view them as something that is meant to be a part of the diet. The truth is, those drinks are unhealthy and can later cause health problems such as diabetes and a fatty liver.

Children who eat healthy food have proven to learn better. That is why parents should endeavor to make the lunches that they pack for their kids full of exciting options. It does no good if the children have healthy food in their lunches, but they do not enjoy what is packed. Parents should take the time to get to know their child’s healthy food preferences so that the lunches are palatable for the child.


Many schools now have cafeterias that offer healthy foods. It is not enough to just provide a hot meal for children. If children are always fed high-fat items such as chicken nuggets and fries, they are not getting the nutrients they need. Deep frying foods takes many of the vitamins out of them. Potatoes are high in vitamin C, but when they are fried, most of the nutrients are leeched out. That means that children are not getting what they need to function properly. Their brains and bodies are being put to use at school, but without proper nutrition, they fall flat and have extreme up’s and downs.

Adults may restrict children from consuming caffeine, but sugar is also a powerful substance that some argue is a drug. It is good in nutritious foods such as fruits, but when it starts being processed and refined, it loses the vitamins and minerals that were present in certain parts of the fruit. It also certainly loses the fiber which is essential for children not to have an upset stomach during the day.

Plan Healthy Food

By planning either packed lunches or cafeteria food that is healthy, it can only help student retention during the day. Food is fuel, and when people start to eat solely for pleasure, they might skip foods that are essential. Parents and school administrators should pay attention to the food pyramid and make sure that they are planning meals for children around it. Lunch is too important of a meal to be skipped by children, and once they get into that habit, then they will be lethargic by supper time. Children’s minds are being kept active at school, and so their bodies should also be fueled sufficiently.


Planning healthy school lunches for children is not difficult. It can be more expensive or less convenient, but it is well worth the effort. Part of caring for children is making sure they have optimal nutrition at school and home.

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